New Pet Heated Mat Dog Temperature Adjustable Dog Heating Pad Waterproof Electric Heating Pad With Timer Dog Sleeping Supplies


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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

CN: Hebei

Material: Synthetic fiber

Power: 50W & Under

Temperature: 35-50 degrees

Name: Pet Electric Blanket

Voltage: 110V,230V

Coat: Dutch velvet grey, crystal velvet coffee

Power: 20W

Plug: American standard, European standard, British standard

Switch: high and low, digital display timing

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Product Description:

Product name:Waterproof pet electric blanket

Size: 45*45 cm, 17.7*17.7 inches
Power: 20 W

Plug: American regulatory, British regulatory, Australian regulatory, European regulatory
Switch: high and low gear, timing gear


Pet heating pad for your pet in cold winterWith the right amount of heat, it lives in a warm and comfortable environment, can be used alone, also suitable for bedding in the pet house and nest.


1,Pet Heating Pad: Suitable for cats and dogs and other animals, helping pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc.) to keep warm and comfortable in cold weather.

2,Adjustable Temperature Control: raise the temperature to the ideal temperature, and then transfer to low temperature to maintain constant temperature.

3,Safety and Resistance: Anti-bite tube, overheating safety protection, our pets can't chew it easily.

4,Suitable Objects: The heated dog bed is very suitable for providing extra warmth in winter,


Buyers requirements:

1, before using tile heating pad, test temperature cushion on the chair, please drive 9 shift high temperature preheated covered with a thin blanket or bottom to sit up and test (use not only heat preservation tie-in coat, warmth) if simply electricity, there is no reply Cover any thing, with the hand touch, feel the temperature is low, hot and then adjust the gear according to the pet heating.

2. The heating pad shall not be folded when energized, so as not to damage the heating wire inside. In case of accidental damage, the heating pad can not be washed with water. The heating pad is made of waterproof fabric. When it is dirty, wipe it clean with a wet towel under the condition of power failure and put it in a ventilated and dry place to dry. Use with zipper coat, dirty coat can be washed directly

3, the heating pad is forbidden to cover too thick to avoid heat accumulation, resulting in burning

4, puppies and cats must be accompanied by people Use, baby pet body is weak, temperature sensing, be sure to monitor whether the temperature is appropriate at any time

5, long time use, please use low, Otherwise, the service life will be seriously affected

6, the controller must not cover, to bare outside



Additional information


US timing, coffe mat coat, gray mat coat, US High and low




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