Solar system power 6000W inverter 2*200W solar panels 30A controller car camping RV photovoltaic kit solar energy systems


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Brand Name: DIXSG

Origin: Mainland China

Work Time (h): 8

Specification: Normal

Application: Home

Output Voltage (V): 110V/220V

Certification: FCC

Certification: CE

Certification: RoHS

Model Number: SEP10K-2-XY6000

is_customized: Yes

Solar Power (W): 20W-400W

Scope of Application: solar energy

Product Certification: CE/RoHS

weights: 1.8kg

Overall dimensions: 200*112*56MM

work efficiency: 90%

Display Mode: LED Power Display

Solar Controller: 30A 12V/24V

Conversion Rate: 19.6-20%

Waterproof Rate: IP68

Working Current: 1.3A



Peak power: 1000W
Continuous power: 500W
LED Battery Power Display
Input voltage: 12V
Output voltage: 220VAC/110V
Dual USB output: 5VDC/2.1A
No load current: ≤0.5A            
Conversion efficiency: greater than 90%
Protection: overload, over temperature, high pressure, low pressure, reverse connection and short circuit intelligent temperature control, less than 300W (except for the inductive load electrical appliances and electrical products)

Solar Panel:
Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Solar Panel
Solar Panel Power: 10-200W
Working Current: 1.3A
Working Voltage: 5V
Waterproof Rate: IP65
Solar Panel Maximum power:200W
Conversion Rate: 19.6-20%
Application: Cycling, Climbing, Hiking, Camping, Traveling, etc.
Weight: Approx. 0.5g
Product Size: Approx. 280*280*25MM

Solar Panel Features :
* USB voltage regulator: USB 5V, maximum 3A output, can charge mobile phones, mobile power, GPS, lights and other electronic devices. The problem of outdoor power shortage.
* Cigarette lighter: car battery charger, car battery is insufficient and unable to start the problem.
* Alligator clip: the cost of the 12V battery, to supplement the extra electricity
* Suitable for outdoor, camping, hiking, climbing, traveling, fishing, desert island survival
* Waterproof design, IP65 grade, light and portable, easy to carry.

Package List:
1 x Power Inverter
2 x Battery Clip
1 x Y Type 1 To 2 DC Cable
1 x Cigarette Lighter Plug
2 x 200W Solar Panel
2 x English User Manual
1 x Solar Charge Controller 30A 12V/24V
2 x DC Cable
2 x Installation buckle 1
1 x Solar Panel
4 x Suction Cup

General knowledge of use

1. Please try to use our standard battery cable, otherwise it will not have full power output!

2. Inverter power on: first turn on the power and then turn on the load. Shutdown: disconnect the load first and then shutdown.

3. It is strictly forbidden to access the mains to the output port, and forbidden to connect the battery in reverse with the load.

4. Do not overload with household appliances such as inverters with motors, pumps, air conditioners and other inductive loads, please multiply the rated power by at least 3 times, the resulting value must not exceed the inverter power.

5. If the inverter red light is on and there is a beeping sound, please check if it is overloaded and if the battery is full (whether your battery is new or not, please charge the battery for at least 3 hours and then try again).

6. When not using the inverter, please turn off the inverter switch.

7. When the inverter beeps, please make sure to disconnect the load first, turn off the inverter switch and then check the problem.

About this item

[High Efficiency Charging]: Portable solar panels s made of more effective monocrystalline silicon material, which have a high photoelectric conversion rate and can charge mobile phones and other devices.

[Solar Charging Board]: Solar panel is a device that directly or indirectly converts solar radiation into electrical energy by absorbing sunlight. Just place it in the sun to charge the device.

[USB Interface]: Support solar charging, solar panel can charge mobile phones, MP3, MP4, digital cameras, for game consoles, GPS, mobile DVDs, headsets and other digital products, energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for outdoor use.

[Easy to operate]: Lightweight(Approx. 147g / 5.2oz) and compact(24.1x14cm / 9.5×5.5in) design makes it easy to install and use, just place the panel in the sun and use it to directly charge the device.

[Widely Applications]: Ideal solar battery charger suitable for outdoor cycling, mountaineering, hiking, camping, picnic, traveling, etc. Also for RVs, ships, airplanes, satellites, space stations, outdoor breeding, planting, tourism, solar street lights, etc.

After Sales Service

Return service: If the received goods have quality problems or do not meet the description, the buyer can apply for return service.

Repair service: If there is a non-human caused failure of the goods, buyers can apply for repair service.

Cancellation of order: If buyers find that they do not need the goods after placing an order or want to cancel the order for other reasons, they can apply for cancellation of order.

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6000W 220V, 6000W 110V

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